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1. 国常会部署系列促消费举措

2. 神十三即将撤离空间站核心舱组合体

3. 一季度吸收外资同比快速增长

4. 我国科学家创造量子直接通信最远纪录

5. 俄乌冲突危及全球贸易复苏

1. 促消费

boost consumption


China will adopt policy measures to boost consumption as part of efforts to keep economic fundamentals stable to ensure and improve people's livelihoods, according to a decision made at the State Council's executive meeting chaired by Premier Li Keqiang on Wednesday.


会议决定进一步加大出口退税(export rebates)等政策支持力度,促进外贸平稳发展(promote the steady growth of foreign trade)。抓紧把已出台的餐饮、零售、旅游、民航、公路水路铁路运输等特困行业纾困政策落实到位(relief policies for hard-hit sectors such as catering, retail, tourism, civil aviation, and road, water and rail transportation will be promptly and fully delivered),鼓励地方加大帮扶力度,稳住更多消费服务市场主体(stabilize more market entities in consumer services)。

做好基本消费品保供稳价,保障物流畅通(the supply and price stability of essential consumer goods will be ensured, and logistics kept smooth)。科学规划建设一批具备综合功能的城郊大仓基地(large-scale warehouses),应急状况下就近调运生活物资(mobilize living necessities in close vicinity in case of emergency)。鼓励汽车、家电等大宗消费(spending on home appliances, automobiles, and other big-ticket items will be encouraged)。挖掘县乡消费潜力(consumer spending potential of counties and townships will be further tapped)。引导商贸流通企业、电商平台等向农村延伸,推动品牌品质消费进农村(consumption of brand and high-quality products will be promoted in rural areas)。


专项债 special-purpose bonds

海外仓 overseas warehouses

跨境电商 cross-border e-commerce

2. 神舟十三号载人飞船

Shenzhou-13 crewed spacecraft


The Shenzhou-13 crewed spacecraft, which has completed all its scheduled tasks, will separate from the space station core module Tianhe at an appropriate time and land at the Dongfeng landing site in north China's Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, said the China Manned Space Agency (CMSA) on Thursday.


目前,神舟十三号乘组已做好飞船撤离前的各项准备,东风着陆场及工程相关系统正在开展迎接航天员返回的各项准备(the Dongfeng landing site is making preparations for the return of the three astronauts)。

2021年10月16日,航天员翟志刚、王亚平、叶光富在酒泉卫星发射中心搭乘神舟十三号载人飞船进入天和核心舱(core module of China's space station),成为入住中国空间站的第二批航天员。160余天的太空飞行中,3名航天员在地面科技人员支持下,圆满完成了2次出舱活动(two extravehicular activities)、2次“天宫课堂”太空授课活动(two live science lectures),开展了多项科学技术试验与应用项目(a number of sci-tech experiments and application projects)。王亚平成为中国首位进行出舱活动的女航天员,航天员首次在轨通过遥操作完成货运飞船与空间站对接,飞行乘组创下了中国航天员连续在轨飞行时长新纪录(the longest-ever duration in the country's manned space program),为后续建造空间站奠定了坚实基础。


航天员 taikonaut

出舱活动 extravehicular activities (EVAs)

载人飞船 manned spacecraft

货运飞船 cargo spacecraft

舱外航天服 extravehicular spacesuits

“太空授课” space-based lecture

3. 外商直接投资

foreign direct investment (FDI)


Foreign direct investment (FDI) into the Chinese mainland, in actual use, expanded 25.6 percent year on year to 379.87 billion yuan in the first quarter of the year, the Ministry of Commerce (MOC) said Thursday. In U.S. dollar terms, the inflow went up 31.7 percent year on year to 59.09 billion U.S. dollars.


从产业来看,高技术产业引资(foreign investment in China's high-tech industries)增长较快。高技术产业实际使用外资1328.3亿元人民币,同比增长52.9%。其中,高技术制造业(high-tech manufacturing)增长35.7%,高技术服务业(high-tech service sector)增长57.8%。

商务部研究院研究员周密对《经济参考报》记者表示,今年一季度吸收外资是在去年同期高基数基础上(on the high comparison base of last year)的“再拔高”,连续的高速增长说明外资企业对中国市场充满信心(reflect foreign investors' strong confidence in China)。这种信心建立在中国强大的产业基础和稳定的投资环境基础之上(stem from China's strong industrial infrastructure and stable investment environment)。


创新驱动发展 innovation-driven development

国内统一大市场 a unified domestic market

产业链 industrial chains

4. 量子安全直接通信

quantum secure direct communication


Chinese scientists have realized the world's longest quantum secure direct communication (QSDC), measuring 100 km, according to the Beijing Academy of Quantum Information Sciences.


这项研究由北京量子信息科学研究院和清华大学研究团队共同完成,相关成果已于4月初发表在《光:科学与应用》(Light: Science & Applications)期刊。阐述该研究成果的论文介绍,量子安全直接通信已引起了广泛关注,并已成为未来安全通信最有力的候选之一(become one of the strongest candidates for secure communication in the future)。

论文作者写道,量子直接通信以量子态作为载体来编码和传输信息。量子直接通信改变了传统保密通信的双信道结构,将噪声信道下的可靠通信发展为噪声和窃听信道下的可靠和安全通信(QSDC securely and reliably transmits information through a quantum channel with both noise and eavesdropping)。这一突破(breakthrough)能够实现无中继条件下(without relays)部分城市与城市之间的点对点量子直接通信(point-to-point quantum direct communication between cities)。此前公开发表的成果中,量子直接通信的最长距离为18公里。


量子科技 quantum science and technology

星地量子通信网 space-to-ground quantum network

量子力学 quantum mechanics

自主创新道路 the path of independent innovation

战略性新兴产业 strategic emerging industries

5. 全球贸易

global trade


The ongoing conflict between Russia and Ukraine has dealt a severe blow to the global economy, reducing forecasted global trade growth for 2022 from the 4.7 percent predicted last October to between 2.4 percent and 3 percent. The projection, based on a global economic simulation model, was made by the World Trade Organization (WTO) Secretariat in a note issued on Monday.


报告还预测,俄乌冲突(the Russia-Ukraine conflict)将使今年全球经济增速下降0.7到1.3个百分点(the crisis could lower global GDP growth by 0.7-1.3 percentage points),降至3.1%到3.7%之间。报告认为,俄乌冲突推高全球范围内食品和能源价格(push up food and energy prices),并阻碍俄罗斯和乌克兰产品出口(reduce the availability of goods exported by Russia and Ukraine)。

俄罗斯和乌克兰是食品、能源和化肥等基本商品的主要供应国(Russia and Ukraine are both key suppliers of essential goods, such as food, energy and fertilizers),通过黑海港口的谷物运输已经停止(grain shipments through Black Sea ports have already been halted),这可能对低收入国家的粮食安全(food security)造成严重后果。

世贸组织经济学家根据模拟预测,2022年以市场汇率计算的全球经济预计将增长2.8%(global GDP at market exchange rates is projected by the WTO to grow by 2.8 percent in 2022),比之前预测的4.1%下降1.3个百分点。2023年全球经济增速将回升至3.2%,接近2010年至2019年3.0%的平均增长率(growth is expected to pick up to 3.2 percent in 2023, close to the average rate of 3.0 percent between 2010 and 2019)。


低收入国家 low-income countries

大宗商品价格 commodity prices

家庭支出 household spending

通胀压力 inflationary pressures



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